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Program Description

The Department of Psychology at Rutgers-Newark includes world-class researchers in cognition, developmental psychology, neuroscience, and social psychology. We are ranked among the top third of American psychology departments, according to US News and World Report. Our faculty engage in pioneering basic and applied research, publish in premier scientific journals, and lead model community-intervention programs. We offer one of the most popular campus majors.

Our research, which is heavily grant-supported, is enhanced by our various resources and collaborations. Our neuroscience faculty are part of the Rutgers University Brain Imaging Center (RUBIC), which houses a state-of-the-art neuroimaging facility with access to a 3T Siemens TRIO and peripheral equipment for collection of physiological data. Our developmental program makes use of behavioral, EEG, eye-tracking, and physiological techniques, and manages a mobile child development lab—The Rutgers Newark Mobile Maker Center—that is situated in local museums for both data collection and community outreach. Our faculty are also actively involved with the Center on Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice, which serves as a hub for engaged scholarship on issues related to juvenile justice reform, the intersection of youth development and juvenile justice policy and practice, and the prevention of youth violence and delinquency.  


Besides the resources we can offer directly, our students also are also encouraged to take advantage of training opportunities in the adjacent Center for Molecular and Behavioral Neuroscience, the College of Business (Information Sciences), the School of Criminal Justice, as well as courses listed in related areas (such as linguistics and philosophy) on the Rutgers-New Brunswick campus.


Elizabeth Tricomi, Ph.D., Graduate Program Director

101 Warren Street

Smith Hall | Room 341

Phone: 973-353-3950


Website: Psychology Department

General Information

Degree Offered: MA, PhD
Part Time Study Available: No

Degree Credit Requirements

Masters: 36 credits
PhD: 60 credits

Career Opportunities 

-Research institutions
-Clinical psychologist
-Counseling psychologist
-Educational psychologist
-Forensic psychologist
-Health psychologist
-High intensity therapist
-Occupational psychologist
-Mental health worker
-Psychological wellbeing practitioner
-Sport & exercise psychologist

Application Requirements and Deadlines

Masters & PhD Applicants: All transcripts – TOEFL – 3 Letters of Recommendation – Personal Statement (include info. about previous research experience and a brief description of current research interests) – Identification of desired faculty advisors. The GRE General test is required for PhD applicants.


Deadlines: December 1st (for PhD)


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