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Getting the Word Out: How to Get the Public Interested in Your Research (10/22)

A Hands-On Research Communications Workshop Wednesday, October 22, 2:30pm-3:50pm You are a graduate student conducting research and you know you are doing important work. Perhaps you find it both interesting and engaging, but you've found that translating your research discoveries into layperson’s terms is not so easy. If only you could convince others how crucial your research is! Perhaps the subject that is foundational to your work is complicated and technical. Or maybe the history of your field is deep and long. Where do you begin? How do you convey where your work fits in and why it matters? Award-winning science writer Kitta MacPherson, who previously facilitated our “Talking Research” workshop about the importance -- and challenges -- of communicating research to the public, is returning to the Graduate School to show you how to take your own work and make it translatable to broad audiences (including for job talks, grant applications, and industry interviews). Participants in this workshop will:

  • Receive extensive, individualized coaching on developing their research statements.

  • Refine their research statement so that it is understandable to intelligent, non-specialist laypersons.

  • Clarify what is interesting and/or important about their work (and why).

  • Communicate what is new or unique about their research (the "contribution" of the work).

  • Develop an accessible presentation of your research (either in the form of an article, oped, infographic, or video) conveying clearly what you do and why the public should care. 

  • Acquire a list of media outlets where you might send your research presentation for distribution.

Registration deadline: September 28, 2020.Space is limited, so apply here today. Participants accepted into the workshop will be notified by October 1. Accepted participants must complete the workshop pre-work prior to the live presentation.



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