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Beyond the Professoriate: Introducing AURORA!

Aurora by Beyond The Professoriate

Rutgers University offers free access to Aurora to all STEM, Humanities, Social Sciences PhD students and postdocs. Visit this link, choose Rutgers as the subscribing institution, and create your account using your net id.

Curious about where you can take your PhD? Explore AURORA, an eLearning Platform from Beyond the Professoriate that you now have exclusive access to. AURORA is designed to help you: And so much more! You CAN bring your knowledge and PhD to many career fields. AURORA also has interviews with over 170 PhDs. Listen to their stories, and see where you can take your PhD. Are you beginning to explore your career options?

Log in to Aurora and watch the Career Interviews. These short videos are organized by broad discipline: humanities, social sciences, biomedical sciences, and STEM. By watching you'll learn about an interviewee’s specific career, how they got started in their current role, and the skills non-academic employers value in job candidates.

Are you already in the job market—or plan to be in the next 6 months?

Log in to Aurora and start with the programs of study Beyond Prof has designed especially for job seekers. For those looking at post-academic career options check this program. For people on the academic job market check out these programs. Each program of study has video seminars taught by PhD experts. Topics include document preparation, hiring and negotiating, and online job search strategies.


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Unknown member
Jan 27, 2021

Aurora by Beyond Professorial has started a better opportunity for the P.hD graduates. I have seen many P.hD Degree holders jobless and thinking to do their own business write a thesis for me so it is better initiatives for their selves as well as for students and country.

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