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Notes from South Africa - Lauren

Lauren conducting research in South Africa

Rutgers Graduate School-Newark
Office of the Dean

Visit: 175 University Avenue, Conklin Hall Suite 241, Newark, New Jersey 07102

Phone: (973) 353-5834

Notes from South Africa - Lauren


"Last summer I found myself in Cape Town, South Africa conducting research on women's entrepreneurship and the role of micro-finance within the townships/informal settlements of Cape Town. Thanks to the Graduate School-Newark, The Community Chest of the Western Cape, and USAID, I am here in Cape Town again conducting research that will ultimately contribute towards my dissertation. However, the nature of my research is a bit different this time around. I am exploring the existing laws, policies, and programs at national, provincial, and grassroots levels regarding women's access to, use of, and control over land. In the long run, I also seek to understand how state level policies diverge and/or converge with customary law throughout the provinces of South Africa with regard to land rights, from a gender focal point."


- Lauren Kaplan

(pictured: Lauren Kaplan and Titania Fernandez - Community Chest)

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