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Notes from South Africa - Latoya Jones Pt. 1

Latoya in at Cape Point

Rutgers Graduate School-Newark
Office of the Dean

Visit: 175 University Avenue, Conklin Hall Suite 241, Newark, New Jersey 07102

Phone: (973) 353-5834

Notes from South Africa - Latoya Jones Pt.1


My name is Latoya Jones and I am a first-year PhD Student at RU-N in the Global Urban Studies program. The time is quickly passing as I work on making contacts here for my research on renewable energy training programs here in South Africa. When I arrived, I only had one contact who is a friend of mine, an education advocate. She introduced me to two other women activists for affordable housing in the city. I am now up to eighteen connections working in the energy space in South Africa, Just a to list a few:


Energy Efficiency Research Group
South African National Energy Association (SANEA)
Stellenbosch University
South African Renewable Energy Technology Center (SARETEC)
Cape Peninsula University of Technology

South African Wind Energy Association (SAWEA)
UCT Energy Research Center
Scalabrini Center
Sustainable Energy Africa (SEA)
City Energy
Clean Energy Projects


It has been wonderful to experience the quick and willing responses I have received from those I am meeting here. I was very nervous about not being able to connect with those I wanted to interview for my research.  Our host organization Community Chest also provided me with potential subjects for my interviews AND has made us feel welcomed and at home.  I am always looking for an invitation to some event they are hosting. The work they do here in Cape Town is impressive and recognized. 

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