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Program Description

The goal of the Graduate Program in Biology is to equip students with the research, critical-thinking and communication skills that are necessary for a successful career as a scientist. The Graduate Program in Biology is a joint program between the departments of Biological Sciences at Rutgers-Newark and at the New Jersey Institute of technology (NJIT), and offers two degrees: the Master of Science (M.S.) degree, and the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree.


The M.S. program provides students with the professional skills and knowledge that will be necessary for advancing their careers in science or pursuing higher degrees in Graduate or Medical schools. Laboratory research training is available to M.S. students opting for experiment-based thesis. In addition to the trainings provided by the M.S. program, the Ph.D. program is designed to provide students with the interdisciplinary research training that is necessary for establishing independent research careers. Students receive research training in the world-class laboratories of our faculty, in the topics of cell biology, molecular biology, neurobiology, ecology and evolution.


The Ph.D. program is arranged into three tracks (Cell and Molecular Biology, Neurobiology, Ecology/Evolution), each with a core of Faculty researchers. Within each track, students choose from a wide variety of research topics that represent the specialized interests of the Faculty.

General Information

Degree offered: M.S. (part-time and full-time)

Ph.D. (full-time only)

Degree Credit Requirements

M.S. (30 credits)

Bibliographic thesis: 27 course credits + 3 bibliographic research credits

Experimental thesis: 24 course credits + 6 experimental research credits


Ph.D. (60 credits)

Minimum 24 course credits + minimum 30 dissertation research credits

Career Opportunities 

  • Academia (research and/or teaching)

  • Research institutions

  • Industrial research

  • Government research

  • Consultants

  • Scientific policy

  • Technology transfer

Application Requirements and Deadlines

All transcripts - GRE General (optional) - TOEFL (international students) - 3 letters of recommendation - Personal Statement (include description of previous research experience and current research interests)


M.S. deadline: August 1 for Fall admission; December 1 for Spring Admission

Ph.D. deadline: December 15 for Fall admission. No Spring admission accepted. 



Department of Biological Sciences

195 University Ave

Boyden Hall, Room 206


Dr. Haesun Kim, Graduate Program Director


Dr. Ching-On Wong, M.S. coordinator

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