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Graduate Program Description

A multidisciplinary and integrative approach to neuroscience. The program trains students for scientific research careers in neuroscience and prepares students to take positions in academic, medical and industrial research settings. Our focus is on multidisciplinary training of students across the domains of neuroscience. Students are trained to conduct independent research and to present and discuss research ideas and results both orally and in written form. Students also gain experience in both undergraduate and graduate teaching. All students receive stipends in the form of fellowships or research/ teaching assistantships. The program benefits from the active participation of the graduate faculty of Rutgers.


Ravi Mill, Ph.D., Graduate Program Director

197 University Ave.
Aidekman Research Center | Room 201B

Phone: 973-353-3621


Website: CMBN

Center for Molecular and Behavioral Neuroscience

Mission: to advance understanding of the brain’s structure and function through excellence in neuroscience research and training. CMBN researchers combine molecular, electrophysiological, neurochemical, anatomical, imaging, behavioral, and neuropsychological methods to analyze how the brain works, develops, interacts with the environment, and is modified by experience in health and disease. Currently, twelve research teams at the CMBN explore the frontiers of neuroscience across a range of topics including neuroplasticity, development, language development, neurodegenerative diseases, visual perception, fear and anxiety, motivation, learning and memory. 

General Information

Degree Offered: Ph.D.
Part Time Study Available: No

Degree Credit Requirements

60 credits

Career Opportunities 

-Governmental research
-Corporate research
-Scientific policy
-National endeavors
-International endeavors 

Application Requirements and Deadlines

All transcripts – GRE (verbal & quantitative) – TOEFL – 3 Letters of Reference – Personal Statement – (Brief overview of your education & research experience), what you see as your major strengths for a career in Neuroscience, career goals, and how the BNS program fits in with these goals.

Deadlines: December 15th | Spring Admits: No

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